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Lubrication Issues

End mill flutes get clogged up with aluminium

To avoid tool breakage due to melted aluminium buildup during milling:

djust your processing parameters like cutting speed and feed rate for efficient chip formation and less heat.
Remember, the cutting edges of your flutes also have a small radius, so you have to feed the tool fast enough to form a proper chip.

Use a suitable coolant to dissipate heat and airblast to flush away chips.
The MVJ-1 MQL system is particularly suited for this task since it supports the use of ethanol based coolants & lubricants.

Ensure proper chip evacuation strategies are in place.

Regularly inspect and clean the end mill during machining so no material builds up on the cutting edges.

Consider trochoidal milling techniques to minimize heat buildup. Optimize toolpaths using CAM software for smoother cutting motions.

By following these steps, you can prevent clogging and prolong the life of your end mills when milling aluminium.